• How to Make Shamballa Bracelets

    Crystals are an excellent way to enhance your daily appearance. They add sparkles to any outfit regardless of the style and the occasion. This tutorial will teach you how to make adjustable Shamballa bracelets, but first, you need to get the following materials:

    shamballa bracelet materials

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    • Scissors
    • Shiny rhinestone beads
    • Jewelry glue (optional but useful)
    • Bamboo cord
    • Large, Blunt-end needle

    Once you have the required supplies for DIY Shamballa bracelets, you may continue with the following procedures:

    Step One: Cut Three Cords

    how to make shamballa bracelet youtube

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    Cut two 20-inch strings and one six-foot piece. You need to add an extra two feet of line to complete the sliding closure at the end of the bracelet. Hence, make sure you have at least a 12-inch cord before you start this project.

    Find the middle of your long string and tie it around the shorter ones, approximately six inches down from the end of the twine.

    Step Two: Apply Glue

    how to make a shamballa bracelet

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    Add a few drops of glue to the tips of the two middle cords to keep them from coming undone. Applying adhesive to the bracelet tips helps so much when it is time to add beads, especially if you use beads with large holes.

    Step Three: Tie Knots

    shamballa bracelet instructions

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    Start with either side of the string. Cross the right-hand cord in the middle twines, forming a loop. Then, take your left-hand strand and cross it above the right side, then beneath the center strings. Lastly, pass it back to the ring you made on the right and feed it into the coil. Pull both ends tight to secure the knot, keeping your middle twines taut.

    Step Four: Do the Same Thing on the Other Side

    how to make shamballa macrame bracelet

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    Repeat the process, but this time, do it on the opposite side. Pull the knot firmly to secure it.

    Step Five: Continue the Pattern

    how to make shamballa bracelet youtube

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    Keep lacing along the wristband to create length, alternating the right and left strings as you work. Doing so will keep the pattern straight. If you only tie one side, the knots will make a spiral design.

    Step Six: Add Beads

    how to make a shamballa bracelet step by step

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    For Shamballa bracelets, you need to create 1 1/2 inch of knots, then thread your first bead towards both middle twines. Continue tying a few knots.

    After threading five beads, finish off the remaining lengths of the wristband by tying another one-and-a-half-inch knot, making a total size of 6 1/2 inches. Thread the left and right cords onto the needle and string the tips back into the bracelet. Create at least four knots, but you can make more if you like. Cut off the free tips.

    Step Seven: Create Sliding Closure

    how to make shamballa bracelet closure

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    Using the same knots, you need to tie more knots to the tips of the wristband instead of tying them towards the center cords. To do this, you need to wrap both ends together.

    Cut a two-foot cord, find the middle of the string, and wrap it around all four strands. It should be firm but not too tight that the wristband cannot move. Make sure you can slide the sliding closure, then tie half-an-inch knots.

    Feed the ends back into the knots when you reach the end like what you did to the bracelet, only firm. Trim off the edges. Don't worry because the tucked-in ends are not going anywhere.

    Step Eight: Finish the Bracelet

    sliding knot bracelet closure

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    This is the best time to even up the knots and put bead stoppers so that the wristband will not unravel with wear. Gently stretch out the bracelet so that it comfortably fits when you move the slider. Tie an overhand knot and cut off the excess strings.

    You now have a new Shamballa wristband. Like any DIY project, you are likely to find your method and rhythm. Your first few Shamballa bracelets will be charming, but it will take about 90 minutes to finish them. With more practice, however, your knots will be more uniform, resulting in professional-quality Shamballa bracelets.