• How to Make Slap Bracelets

    If you have never experienced a friend strike you on your wrist with a slap or snap wristband, then you are missing out on the joy it brings. Most slap bracelets cost a few bucks and came in a range of patterns and textures.

    This time, this fun piece of jewelry is making a significant comeback, as Balenciaga releases their line of slap wristbands. Their snap bangles come in two neon colors with the company's famous logo. They also work like a snap bracelet, but instead of using a metal measuring tape, their slap wristbands are made of leather. Hence, the price is quite steep.

    However, this is not the first time slap bracelets have made a fashion return. Opening Ceremony released fox fur slap bangles in 2013, valued at $390. Kenzo also sold these wristbands in the same year. Then in 2009, French model, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, wore it as an anklet in the opening of Dasha Zhukova's museum in Moscow.

    Unfortunately, these branded snap bangles come at a hefty price, but you do not need to spend that much because you can make them yourself. All you have to do is learn how to make slap wristbands using a tape measure, duct tape, and a pair of scissors.

    slap band material

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    Steps for Creating Slap Bracelets

    Here is what you should do when making a handmade snap wristband:

    1. Cut Your Tape Measure

    how to make a slap bracelet out of duct tape

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    Cut your measuring tool approximately six to seven inches, depending on your wrist size. Don’t forget to remove the edge of the tape before cutting it. Use your duct tape to stick the piece you trimmed off and the cut tip together. That way, you will not lose your tape in the container.

    2. Round the Tips of Your Tape Measure

    how are slap bracelets made

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    With your scissors, curve the edges of your measuring tape to prevent getting cut on its ends while making the snap bangle.

    3. Roll the Tape Measure

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    Coil the tape toward the plane surface. Curl it as tight as possible without bending it.

    4. Cut the Duct Tape

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    Cut the duct tape a bit longer than the measuring tape.

    5. Place Duct Tape on Tape Measure

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    Flip the tape measure over and put the duct tape in the middle of the measuring tape. Fold the adhesive on the plane portion of the tape measure. Note that the duct tape should not cover the entire measuring tape.

    6. Complete Your Snap Wristband

    slap bracelet tutorial

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    Cut another strip of duct tape a little shorter than the tape measure and divide it in half lengthwise. Fold any excess edges into the plane section of the bracelet. Cover the folded end and the middle of the tape measure with a half a piece of duct tape to finish your handmade snap bracelet.

    That’s it! You are ready to wear your fancy wristband and have fun by slapping the bangle on your or your friend's wrist. With this tutorial, you can save much money and use it for other needs. All you need to spend is your time and effort to create slap bracelets.