• How to Make Starburst Bracelets

    We showed you how to make a fishtail rainbow loom bracelet a few weeks ago. This time, we are going to take up a notch and teach you how to create starburst bracelets. The pattern may seem complicated, but it is not hard to do. By the end of this starburst loom bracelet tutorial, you will have a nice-looking band that you can wear or give to your friends.

    Materials Needed to Make Starburst Bracelets

    starburst bracelet materials

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    Here are the required tools for making starburst loom band bracelets:

    • C-Clips
    • Different Colors of Bands
    • Loom Kit
    • Loom

    Starburst Bracelet: Step-by-Step Instructions

    Here's what you need to do to make a starburst bracelet:

    1 - Place the First Band onto the Loom

    di starburst bracelet

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    Set the loom and make sure the arrows are facing away from you. Get your first band and insert it from the middle peg to the second peg on the left.

    2 - Add More Bands down the Side

    how to make a rainbow loom bracelet

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    Grab another strip and place it from the second peg on the left to the next pin in front. Keep adding bands until you reach the end of the loom.

    3 - Complete the Left Side of the Loom

    rainbow loom braxelets

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    Get another piece of loom band and insert it from the top-left peg to the middle peg. Repeat the process at the opposite end of the loom.

    4 - Create Your First Starburst

    starburst rainbow

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    Use a different color of loom band to make your first starburst. Place it in the middle of the second peg in the center of the left row and the second peg of the right line. Add five more bands clockwise and use the middle column as the center of the pattern.

    5 - Make the Rest of the Pattern

    how to make a rainbow loom bracelet

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    Get another band and set it from the fourth peg in the mid-row diagonally to the fourth peg in the right row. Add another set of clockwise pieces as you did in the first starburst. Keep going until you fill the entire loom with starbursts.

    6 - Put Circle Bands in the Center

    rainbow loom bracelets

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    Using the same color of your outer ring, create a double cap band as soon as you finish filling up the loom with the pattern. To do this, you need to make a figure-8 using the elastic band and place it on top of the loom. Repeat the process until you reach the bottom.

    7 - Loop the Bands

    how to make a beautiful rubber band bracelet

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    Turn the loom with the arrows, pointing at you. Grab a hook and loop the first central peg to the middle. Keep doing this in a counterclockwise motion until you are on the other side of the loom.

    8 - Weave the Border Bands

    rainbow loom bracelet instructions

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    Using the same hook, loop the outer band on the rump. Repeat this process with all loom bands.

    9 - Remove the Bracelet from the Loom

    rainbow loom bracelets easy but cool

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    Hold the hook and gently pull the wristband out of the loom. You can also use your hand to pull it off the loom, but you have to do it slowly to prevent breaking the bracelet.

    10 - Add the Extension

    how to make loom bracelets step by step

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    Using the same color as your outside bands, make a chain of strips at the top of the loom.

    11 - Attach the Extension to the Starburst Rainbow Bracelet

    how to make loom bands with loom

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    Get the first hoop at the tip of the wristband opposite from the latch like it is another elastic band. Attach it to the chain and connect it from the end of your bracelet to the first band.

    12 - Attach the C-Clip

    rainbow loom bracelets step by step instructions

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    Grab a C-clip and attach it to the end band on the loom. Remove the chain and the wristband from the loom and snip the C-clip toward the hoops on the hook. Take the latch out, and the bracelet is complete!

    Rock your new accessory and wear it with pride or make more starburst bracelets for your friends.