• How to Make Stretchy/Elastic Bracelets

    Stretchy or elastic bracelets are ideal for kids and those with arthritis. For one, they are effortless to wear and remove. Secondly, they do not have a clasp, allowing the wearers to take them on and off of their wrists by themselves. Lastly, they only need a few materials and are a relatively fun activity for children.

    Making elastic bracelets is easy. Even a novice crafter can create these accessories, but before doing so, there are a few things you need to remember. If you want to give it to children, make sure to use chunky wooden beads. Furthermore, you need to supervise them if they are the ones making the stretchy wristbands to prevent a choking hazard.

    Meanwhile, if you are making bracelets for adults, you need to consider the overall size of the person's wrist to make the correct measurement.

    Now that you know what you need to remember, you are ready to make your DIY stretchy wristbands.

    What You Need to Make Elastic Bracelets

    elastic bracelet materials

    Image Credit: craftystaci.com

    First, you need to prepare your materials. Listed below are the supplies needed for this project:

    • Jewelry glue or super glue
    • Beads
    • Scissors
    • Elastic Cord
    • Binder clip

    How Do You Make Stretchy Wristbands?

    Now that you have the materials with you, you can continue with the following steps:

    1. Identify the Bracelet's Length

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    Image Credit: YouTube.com/Paracord 101

    Determine the recipient of the elastic band. Use six to eight inches of the cord if the wearer is a kid. If it is for adults, use a 10- to 12-inch stretchy string.

    2. Cut the Cord

    how to make bracelets with beads

    Image Credits: YouTube.com/Paracord 101 and craftystaci.com

    Attach a binder clip or bead stopper to one end of the elastic strand to press the beads together and prevent them from rolling away while stringing them.

    3. Give the Cord an Extra Stretch

    best elastic for bracelets

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    Pull both ends of the string and stretch it out several times to keep it firm and prevent it from expanding instantly.

    4. Start Designing Your Bracelet

    how to make bracelets with beads and string

    Image Credit: YouTube.com/Paracord 101


    Create your chosen pattern by adding beads to your wristband. If possible, use beads with large holes to cover the knot when the bracelet is complete.

    5. Remove Binder Clip or Bead Stopper

    how to tie a surgeon's knot with stretch magic

    Image Credit: YouTube.com/creativitychick 101

    Gently remove the binder clip or bead stopper and hold both ends when you have added enough beads to the cord. Tie a surgeon's knot by wrapping and tying the tips on each other so that the string looks doubled and almost braided. Pull the strand tight and tie a knot. The beads should cover the entire cord at this point. Pull it tighter if you still see a string, then make a second knot.

    6. Cut the Edges

    how to make bead bracelets with stretchy string

    Image Credit: YouTube.com/creativitychick 101

    Trim off the ends at least 1/8 of an inch, leaving enough cords to tie the last knot.

    7. Complete the Wristband

    how to make bracelets with beads at home

    Image Credit: YouTube.com/Michaels Stores

    Apply a drop of glue to the knotted ends and let it dry completely. When the glued knot is dry, get another bead and pull it up to hide the knot.

    Your handmade stretchy band is complete! Try it on and match it with your outfit. You can also make several elastic bracelets and give them to elders or use them as souvenirs for children's parties.