• How to Make String Bracelets

    If you are a kind of person who prefers affordable yet unique jewelry, then the idea of making DIY accessories appeals to you. There are many string bracelets that you can create and wear with your outfit. These DIY wristbands allow you to use your creativity because you are the one to choose and do the pattern. Furthermore, you can take this opportunity to bond not only with your friends but also with your kids.

    In this post, we will teach you how to create one of the simplest forms of string bracelets – the spiral string bangle. This design is perfect for beginners, as it only takes less than an hour to finish this project. So, sit back, relax, and get your materials ready!

    What Materials Do You Need?

    materials for making spiral string bracelets

    Image Credit: instructables.com

    Most string bracelets use embroidery floss, and this is no exception. When making this pattern, you must use at least four strands of floss regardless of the number of colors you choose. Otherwise, your wristband will look thin, and the design will not appear beautifully.

    In this tutorial, we will use two colors. Get the first string and cut it at least three feet or so, depending on your desired length. You need to have a long piece because making knots takes much of its size.

    You also need a sticky tape or a pin and a pair of scissors in addition to colorful strings.

    How Do You Start Creating the Bracelet?

    how to make friendship bracelets for beginners

    Image Credit: bobblesandbaubles.wordpress.com

    Here is what you need to do when making a spiral string wristband:

    Start by tying the strings together at one end. Tape it to a solid surface like a table or a desk or any room where you can do this project. Alternatively, you can use a pin to keep the threads steady as you work on them. Tie the strands to the pin and attach it to a cushion for stability.

    Choose a string and separate it from others. Cross the selected thread on top of the others to create a number four outline.

    Take the loose tip below the other threads and insert it into the loop. Secure the knot by holding and extending the remaining strings. Repeat the process until you are ready to switch colors. Also, make sure the nubs are close to each other.

    How Do You Switch Colors?

    how to make bracelets out of thread

    Image Credit: bobblesandbaubles.wordpress.com

    When you are done making knots on your first strand, it is time to switch colors. Move the knotted string and put it with other threads. Select a new strand, separate it from others, and make new knots with it. Keep tying nubs and switching colors until you are happy with the bracelet’s length.  Tie the other end, cut the excess strand, and you are good to go.

    There you have it! You are ready to wear your creation with pride. You can wear this wristlet as it is or put a little something to it to give your handcrafted accessory some flare.

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