• How to Measure Wrist Size for Bracelets

    Bracelets are excellent additions to your jewelry collection. The first armlet was created in 40,000 B.P. Its name derives from a Greek word, brachile, which means “of the arm.”

    Back in the day, prehistoric people used animal teeth, stones, bones, and wood to make this accessory. They also wore bracelets at that time as a class symbol or because of spiritual and religious beliefs.

    One of the prominent armlets in history is the Scarab bracelet, one of the well-known symbols of ancient Egypt. This accessory epitomized restoration and rebirth for the Egyptians.

    The trick of having a perfect armlet is its size, ensuring that it is big enough to dangle nicely over your hand while fit enough for the bracelet not to fall off of your hand.

    Buying an armlet from a jewelry store is easy because you can wear the accessory to check if it fits you. But if you buy it online, it will be much trickier to get the perfect armlet because you cannot try them out. That is why you need to know your wrist size.

    This tutorial will give you tips for measuring your wrist before buying a bracelet.

    How to Determine the Right Size for Bracelets

    1. Prepare the materials needed for measuring your wrist. Get a measuring tape, a strip of paper, or a string to measure your wrist.

    how to measure your wrist for a bangle

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    2. Wrap the measuring tool around your hand above your wrist bone. Measure the part where your wrist meets your hand and add at least half an inch for allowance.

    how to measure wrist size

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    3. Mark the point where your measuring tool intersects. Add a quarter of an inch to an inch to the size of your wrist for an easy fit, depending on your preference. Use a measuring tape to get the exact measurement of your wrist.

    how to measure wrist circumference

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    4. If your measuring tool is a string or a strip of paper, place it on a smooth surface and measure the circumference of your wrist from your starting point to the spot where the string or the paper intersects. Add a few inches for allowance.

    how to measure your wrist size without measuring tape

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    Bracelets do not go out of trend, so ensuring that they fit you is vital.  We hope this guide will help enjoy your wristlet buying experience.