• How to Shrink Silicone Bracelets

    The silicone, otherwise known as silicone rubber, is an element used as a seal, liner, or protective cover. You can use this material in liquid and resin forms.

    The silicone rubber can be heat-resistant, depending on how it is made. Those types of heat-resistant rubbers are used in manufacturing and cooking. However, it thickens when exposed to heat, causing it to shrink before it melts.

    Fortunately, there is another way to shrivel the silicone in bracelets without melting its form. First, you need to grab the following materials:

    • Button
    • One-Hole Punch
    • Sewing Thread
    • Silicone Bracelet
    • Your Wrist
    • Scissors

    Step-by-Step Instructions

    how to cut a silicone bracelet

    Image Credit: leaf.tv

    When your supplies are ready, you can do the following steps:

    Step 1: Wear the wristband and measure it at your desired length. Squeeze off excess with your fingers. Also, make sure the design of your bracelet stays visible.

    Step 2: Trim off the excess with scissors.

    Step 3: Determine where you want to punch the hole from the tip of the bracelet. This slot is where you insert the button to close it.

    Step 4: Use a puncher to punch out a hole. Make sure it is not bent so that it is easier for you to close the wristband.

    Step 5: Get the other side of the band and stitch a button with a thread. Make sure the snap is not too far nor too close to the tip of the bracelet. Use the hole on the other side as a scale.

    Step 6: Check if you securely sewed the button.

    Step 7: Ask someone to wrap the wristband around your wrist, and then snap the buttons.

    All done! You are ready to rock your favorite silicone bracelets without worrying about losing them.