• How to Use a Paracord Bracelet

    How to Use a Paracord Bracelet

    Paracord wristbands may not be as popular as it was, but you can still see them around you. You can find people wearing a paracord bracelet on a trail or buying them in stores near you.

    Paracord armlets look cool, which is why many people wear it as a fashion accessory. However, it is more than just a wristband because you can use it for several tasks that you cannot imagine a simple bracelet can do.

    How to Get a Paracord Wristlet

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    There are two ways to get this exceptional bracelet. You can buy a readymade survival wristband or make it your own.

    Some people choose to buy a ready-to-wear band because they no longer need to spend time on making this wristlet. Additionally, they have several patterns and colors they can choose. All they have to do is pick an accessory that fits their style and their wrist.

    Meanwhile, other people choose to make a parachute cord bracelet on their own for several reasons. For one, handcrafted wristbands are cheaper than readymade ones. Secondly, they have the freedom to customize the color and pattern of their armlet. Lastly, creating a paracord band is an excellent opportunity to bond with your family and friends.

    But it does not matter whether you want to do it yourself or buy the bracelet from stores because it still provides the same uses and benefits. Your choice of how you want to get this accessory lies in you.

    Different Ways to Use the Paracord Wristlet

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    Many people are content wearing this wristband, but it has several uses. Every inch of a string in this bracelet corresponds to a foot of paracord. Therefore, if you have an eight-inch paracord bracelet when you unravel it, you will get around eight feet of the cord.

    Don’t be afraid to undo the wristband, as it is its primary purpose. Additionally, braiding the cords back together is easy.

    Paracord armlets offer many practical uses. Listed below are the purposes of this bangle:

    • As an alternative bootlace or belt – Paracord can be a temporary substitute for shoelaces or belts, should you lose some weight or break the lace.
    • Setting up the tent – The survival bracelet can help you set up your tent. You can use it as a guyline to add sustenance to a made-up shelter. You can also use it as a ridgeline for your tarpaulin tent.
    • For gear repair and upkeep – You can use the inner cord strings for protecting your equipment.
    • As alternative cordage – Run out of cables? Unravel your paracord wristband and use it for tying your stuff onto your bike or your car.

    So, there you have it! Make sure to have a paracord bracelet so that you can use it in emergency and survival situations.