• How to Use Survival Bracelet

    Name one survival item with more than one purpose. We bet the first objects that popped in your mind were duct tape, survival knife, multi-tool, or survival hatchel, and you could be right. However, a survival bracelet also belongs in this category.

    Survival wristbands, otherwise known as paracord armlets, are one of those items that come with many purposes. You can use this material in making bags, wallets, and of course, bracelets. You can also use it for hanging tire swings, as an alternative belt and bootlace, and more.

    But the primary purpose of this material is for survival situations; hence, the name survival bracelet. This post will cover the emergency uses of this material.

    Use as Sutures

    how to use paracord bracelet for survival

    Image Credit: mymedic.us

    Becoming wounded in the wild can pose a potentially life-threatening risk. Injuries like deep lacerations and open deep wounds do not have fast and simple solutions.

    However, you need to be creative to survive, especially when there are no medics around. You need to stitch your wounds up yourself if you do not want to get your lesions infected.

    You may have brought your suture kit in your backpack, but if you forgot to pack it, you could use the inner threads of the paracord bracelet as sutures. Do this to yourself unless you have a background in advanced medical care.

    Use as a Temporary Stretcher

    uses for paracord bracelet

    Image Credit: survivalhax.com

    You can also use the paracord wristband as a temporary stretcher aside from using it as sutures. You have to do this because leaving an injured person is not an option. If you do, the risk of heat fatigue, hypothermia, dehydration, or animal attack increases.

    These symptoms will result in poor decisions and delusions. Instead of leaving the group, you can create a makeshift stretcher with your survival wristband and carry the patient while he is lying on it.

    Use as a Rescue Line When Somebody Is Drowning

    everyday uses for paracord

    Image Credit: wikihow.com

    Time is of the essence when someone drowns in the water or quicksand. A water rescue may be needed while walking on thin ice, fishing, or crossing a river. It is also necessary when quicksand is untraceable until it is too late.

    If this happens, you can use your paracord bracelet as a rescue line. It will keep you away from danger and empower you to pull the victim out of the quicksand or water.

    These are simple ways to use your survival bracelet in emergency situations. So whenever you are planning on camping or going on a quest, don’t forget to bring this accessory with you. It is better to expect the worst thing that could happen to prepare yourself for these scenarios.