• Jelly Bracelets and the Meanings Behind Each Color

    Jelly bracelets, otherwise known as gel bracelets, are affordable wristbands made from silicone. They have become popular across the western countries and elsewhere since the 1980s. One of the famous designs of these bands is the awareness bracelet. It brings debossed messages to show the wearer's support to advocacy, charitable institutions, and so on.

    Nowadays, however, these bracelets have different meanings due to the play called the snap game. The "game" has two "players" called the snappee and the snapper. The snapper must successfully break the bracelet from the snappee's wrist. If he succeeds, he can ask a sexual favor based on the color of the band.

    Different Colors of Jelly Bracelets and Their Meanings

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    Listed below are the jelly bands' color meanings:

    • Blue - Oral Sex
    • Red - Lap Dance
    • Black - Coitus
    • Purple - Kissing
    • Pink - Hickey
    • Yellow - Hugging
    • Clear - Anything under the Sun

    What Should Parents Do if Their Child Has Gel Bracelets

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    If you see your child wearing any color of these bands, you should speak to him or her instantly. Express your opinions on where, when, and with whom you think sex is appropriate. Though sex can be learned in schools, parents should be responsible for discussing this matter with their children. Also, talk to your kids about jelly bracelets and the outfits and accessories you consider to be suitable for their age and why.