• Steps for Making a Leather Wrapped Bracelet

    Wrapped wristbands are everywhere, and it is for a clear reason. These accessories look casual yet stylish, but the best part is that it is infinitely customizable. However, wrapped bangles are quite expensive, especially if they are made of leather. Fortunately, you can save a fortune by creating a leather wrapped bracelet yourself.

    This blog will show you how to create a leather wrapped bracelet, but first, you need to prepare the following materials:

    • Thread
    • Leather Cord
    • Button or Bead
    • Round Beads (4-6 mm.)
    • Essential Tools: Scissors, Workspace with Clothespins or Clips, Needle
    • Optional Materials: Thread Conditioner, Needle Threader, Fabric-Friendly Glue
    leather wrapped bracelet supplies

    Now that you have your supplies with you, you need to do the following steps:

    1. Choose Your Bracelet Size and Cut the Leather

    The length of the leather wrapped bracelet varies, depending on the size of your wrist and the number of times you want to wrap it around your arm. Measure your wrist to find out the size of your bracelet. Double its size and add a few inches to the actual measurement for tying a knot.

    For a single-wrapped wristband, triple the size of your wrist circumference to get the correct length. If you want to create a triple leather wrapped bracelet, you need to multiply the size of your wrist by seven to get the perfect fit. The rule of thumb is that the longer the leather cord, the better.

    how to measure your wrist for a bangle

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    2. Cut the Thread

    Cut a long piece of string and loop it into the needle. Tie the end of the lines tightly.

    how to make your own leather bracelet

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    3. Connect the Thread to the Leather

    Hold the string by the knot and let the needle slip through it until it reaches the center of the thread. Fold your leather cord in half, leaving a coil sufficient enough for the buttons to fit in. Hold the knotted tip of the string with the leather strap and make an overhand knot to connect the line and the leather.

    how to make wrap bracelets with string

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    4. Put the Loop into the Clip

    Attach the coil at the top of the cardboard using a binding clip or a clothespin. Use another clip to keep the leather cord in place.

    leather wrap bracelet tutorial

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    5. Stitch the Leather

    Make a figure-8 stitch using the thread between the two leather strands. To do this, you need to wrap the thread onto the right strap to the outer side of the leather, and then beneath the right strand. Do the same thing on the other strand after looping the string underneath the right strap. Repeat this procedure five to six times, then pull the line tight to bind the leather straps.

    how to make a beaded wrap bracelet

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    6. Add Beads

    At this point, you are ready to put beads on your bracelet. Add your first bead to the band after the string passes beneath the left leather cord. Hold the bead between the leather straps and thread the line to the right cord, beneath it, into the bead hole and onto the left. Move the thread under the left leather cord, then add another bead.

    Do this procedure repeatedly and check if the beads are pulled tight against the cord. Make sure the stitches are facing the same direction. Apply a small amount of thread conditioner if the string snags a lot.

    how to make leather bracelets

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    7. Finish It Off

    When you are happy with the bracelet’s pattern and length, you need to create figure-8 stitches again, then attach the bead or the button. Tie a knot behind the button and cut off excessive strings. You can also apply some glue to the knot to secure the leather wrapped bracelet.

    beaded wrap bracelet tutorial

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    Your new bangle is complete! What are you waiting for? Give this tutorial a try and make a handmade leather wrapped bracelet for yourself or your loved ones.