• Types of Bracelet Beads: What Do They Mean?

    Beads have a vital role in DIY accessories. They make each bracelet unique because of their different sizes, designs, shapes, and colors. This post will list the most popular types of bracelet beads and the history behind them.

    Seed Beads

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    It is the most popular type of bead for bracelets and available in a range of sizes. Seed beads are made of various materials, such as plastic, glass, metal, gems, and more.

    Peranakan Cut Beads

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    These are faceted glass beads used by Peranakan women. They use these beads to decorate different Peranakan items, such as wedding veils, handbags, pouches, slippers, and more.


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    These are thin, disc-shaped, shiny beads, which are often used for decorating shoes and dresses. But you can also use them for decorating your wristbands and bangles.

    Love Beads

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    These beads are a hit in the hippy sub-culture. These are long series of beads inspired by the ones worn by Native Americans and Indians.

    Trade Beads

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    Trade beads, otherwise known as Slave Beads, are decorative glass beads. Natives in Africa produced these beads in the 16th and 20th centuries and used it as their currency.

    Aggry Beads

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    Like trade beads, aggry beads are also from Africa, particularly in Ghana. These are usually made of meteorites or glass and used as money.


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    Wampum beads are old-style beads of the Eastern Woodland Tribes in North America. They are made with organic shells and were also used as money.

    These are just some of the beads you can use for decorating bracelets. Use these stones to give your accessories some personality.