• Types of Charm Bracelets

    Charm bracelets have been around since ancient years. Our ancestors wore these accessories as an amulet, but nowadays, they imply beauty.

    There are four types of charm bracelets, namely Italian charm bangles, traditional charm armlets, European charm wristlets, and leather charm trinkets. Let’s define each type one-by-one:

    Italian Charm Bracelets

    Italian Charm Bracelet

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    This type of bangle has interlocking charms to form an armlet. These ornaments can be switched to suit the style of the wearer. They are becoming a popular choice of many wearers, despite being a new accessory in the jewelry market.

    Italian charm trinkets can be made from a range of materials, from elastic bands to stainless steel and gold.

    Traditional Charm Bracelets

    traditional charm bracelet

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    This type is secured in a chain link – although the dangling wristlets are still available on the market. Traditional charm trinkets are made from metals such as gold, sterling silver, copper, and bronze, as well as calfskin. The ornaments attached to the bangle can be anything. It can be a religious icon, an animal, or any theme you prefer that defines your style.

    European Charm Bracelets

    European Charm Bracelet

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    These armlets are like Italian charm bangles. The only difference lies in the shape of the pieces. European charms are rounded pieces whereas Italian trinkets are rectangular.

    A European charm armlet uses a thin chain material where the trinkets are added. People wear it for an elegant look and because of the less jangly sound.

    Glass, enamel, and gemstones are the widely used materials for making this accessory. Like traditional charm bracelets, the pieces attached to the chain can be formed in a variety of shapes, from heart-shaped pendants to animal figures. You can also change the ornaments to match your outfit and the occasion.

    Leather Charm Bracelets

    leather charm bracelets

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    This is the latest type of charm bangles and has a different look compared to other charm wristlets. This armlet uses a piece of leather as the bracelet’s base instead of a metal chain.

    Leather charm armlets give a rebel stylish look because of its appearance. Furthermore, you can wear this accessory as an inspiration. All you have to do is attach the engraved plate to the leather band through threading. Lastly, leather charm accessories are ideal for stacking purposes, making them easier to keep in the jewelry box.

    These are the types of charm bracelets. You can buy these accessories from stores or create them by yourself. Either way, these bangles will enhance your look and attract attention from their admirers.