• Types of Friendship Bracelets

    If there are friendship rings, there are also friendship bracelets. This type of accessory shows how much you appreciate your friends for being there for you through thick and thin.

    Friendship bangles are popular with kids and adults. This is an excellent way to keep you and your children busy in the summer or on the weekends.

    Friendship wristbands are rich in artistry, as they allow you to use your creative mind in making this accessory. It is also rich in history since this bracelet has been around since 481-221 B.C.

    The Origin of Friendship Bracelets

    These colorful friendship charms were made in Central and South America. They were initially tied to someone’s wrist who could wish for something. Many people believe that they should be worn around the wrist until it wears out or falls off by itself. If it falls off of your wrist, your wish will come true.

    Native Americans were the first people to craft the first friendship bracelet, though the technique they used for making this charm came from China. Evidence of the history of this wristband is seen in their designs.

    Kinds of Friendship Bangles

    There are five types of friendship bracelets, and these are as follows:

    1. Half-Hitch Knot – This is the oldest form of friendship bangle design, as it goes back to the old centuries. Bracelet patterns, such as diamond, chevron, totem pole, and broken ladder use this technique to create this charm.

    half-hitch knot pattern

    Image Credit: lc.pandahall.com

    2. Diamond Pattern Friendship Bracelets – This wristband is also an ancient design for this type of accessory. It is widely used for making this band because of its appearance.

    diamond pattern friendship bracelet

    Image Credit: mayanhands.org

    3. No-Sew Bracelets – This is one of the modern friendship bracelet patterns. No-sew wristbands do not use yarns or threads. Those who make this charm use a piece of cloth to create this accessory. They just need to cut the fabric into thin strips and braid them.

    no-sew friendship bracelets

    Image Credit: ksvhs.com

    4. Duct/Washi Tape Bracelets – This is another type of modern friendship bracelet design. Instead of a yarn, thread, or fabric, duct tapes and washi tapes are used for creating this accessory. Use the duct tape to create a bracelet long enough to wrap around your wrist, and then add washi tape strips to decorate this accessory.

    duct tape bracelets

    Image Credit: duct-tape-crafts.com

    5. Embroidered Bracelets – This is the most popular type of friendship wristbands. This type of bangle is made of yarn, embroidery floss, and colorful straws. This charm is popular with children because of its vibrant colors.

    embroidery friendship bracelets

    Image Credit: navyvsmemphis.us

    These are the types of friendship bracelets. Your choice should rely on your budget and the recipient’s taste. You can make this craft on your own to give it a personal touch or buy a wristband at stores near you. Your friend will appreciate your gift regardless of your choice.