• Types of Loom Bracelets and Patterns

    If you are not a kid or a parent, the term, “loom bands,” is meaningless to you.

    Nowadays, however, these tiny rubber bands are a common playground for children. That is why manufacturers and distributors are having trouble making these kits. But what are these accessories?

    What Are Loom Bands?

    Loom bands are rubber bands that can be woven into necklaces, bracelets, and charms. These elastic bands come in various colors and sizes. No wonder why kids love making accessories out of these items.

    Types of Loom Patterns and Bracelets

    Loom bracelets come in three patterns, and these are as follows:

    1. Beginner Loom Pattern – This is a basic design and is an excellent way to introduce this activity to children. Examples of loom bands with the basic patterns are:
    Fishtail Loom Band
    (image credit: rainbowloompatterns.com)
    Spiral Loom Band
    (image credit: rainbowloompatterns.com)
    2.  Intermediate Loom Pattern – This type has more designs to offer but trickier than beginner outlines. Hence, they need more bands and time to finish this accessory. Examples of intermediate loom patterns are:
    Zig Zag Loom Bracelet
    (image credit: rainbowloompatterns.com)
    Three-Segment Dragonscale Loom Band
    3 Segment Dragonscale
    (image credit: rainbowloompatterns.com)

    3. Advanced Loom Pattern – These designs are for the experts. They need more supplies than intermediate patterns and take weeks to finish the bracelet. Here are a few examples of this pattern:

    Double X Loom Bracelet

    Double X

    (image credit: rainbowloompatterns.com)

    Starbust Loom Bracelet


    (image credit: rainbowloompatterns.com)

      These are some of the popular loom bracelets and patterns you can make. Buy a loom band kit for your child and let her imagination run wild!