• Types of String Bracelets

    The 90s trends are making a comeback, and so are the friendship bracelets. It is one of the handcrafted accessories that make every girl’s childhood days memorable.

    Friendship wristbands come in different forms, but the most popular DIY band is the string bracelet. This bangle has assorted colors and allows the crafter to do her thing, making it popular with kids. They are also made of various kinds of threads, making each pattern unique.

    This post will give you the most popular string bracelets you can make.

    Embroidery Thread Wristband

    This type of handcrafted bangle is the widely used technique when making string bracelets. It involves knotting and braiding patterns to make this DIY band. Additionally, the embroidery thread is affordable and has a variety of colors to choose from, allowing you to make different patterns. Examples of embroidery floss armlets are as follows:

    Finger-Knitted Bangle – It is called a “finger-knitted” wristband because it seems like the threads have been woven when in fact it does not use any sort of needles to create this pattern.

    Finger knit bracelet

    Image Credit: modernparentsmessykids.com

    Kumihimo Wristband – This type is a Japanese-inspired handcrafted accessory. The term, Kumihimo, refers to a braiding technique with striking designs. It uses a disk where you can form your desired pattern.

    kumihimo bracelet

    Image Credit: georgiapdesigns.wordpress.com

    String Bracelets with Beads

    You can also add beads to your string wristbands to spice up your jewelry collection. Here are a few string beaded bracelet ideas:

    Fun Fringe Wristlet – Having a boho-chic vibe does not only show in the outfits you wear. You can also put on some accessories like this bangle and let your gypsy side of you come out.

    Fringe Bracelet

    Image Credit: etsy.com

    Beaded Bracelet – This beaded armlet is the simplest pattern to make. Insert strings into the holes of the beads, and you will have a nice-looking wrist accessory.

    Beaded Bracelet

    Image Credit: stagprovisions.com

    Macramé Bracelets

    We often use the macramé to hang plants, but did you know that you could also use it to make string bracelets? Here are a few examples of macramé wristbands:

    Spiral Macramé Bracelet – This type looks tricky to make because of its appearance, but it is one of those handcrafted wristbands that anyone can create. You can make the spiral pattern throughout the band or a portion of it.

    spiral macrame bracelet

    Image Credit: etsy.com

    Beaded Macramé Bangle – You can also add beads to your macramé wristband. Combine colorful beads with macramé knots, and you will have a stunning bracelet!

    beaded macrame bracelet

    Image Credit: allfreejewelrymaking.com

    Rope Bracelets

    Girls and guys alike make and wear these wristbands. The vibrant colors and robust quality of the rope make it an excellent choice in making exceptional armlets. Listed below are examples of rope bangles:

    Utility Rope Bracelet – As the name suggests, this wristlet looks like a cord but in a colorful way. Use a nylon utility cord to make a sporty but charming wristband.

    utility rope bracelet

    Image Credit: pinterest.ph

    Heart Knot Wristband – This pattern is commonly used for leather lacing, but it also looks good on other sturdy cords. Make a bracelet using this design and give it to your loved one to express your love for him or her.

    heart knot bracelet

    Image Credit: esplanade.com

    These are just a few examples of string bracelets. Try to create one of these patterns and wear the bangle with pride!