• What Are Cape Cod Bracelets?

    You may have seen or heard about cape cod bracelets before, but do you know where did it come from, and how did the craze start? This post will give you a brief background of this legendary bracelet.

    What Is a Cape Cod Bracelet?

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    A cape cod armlet is a piece of jewelry made of either silver or gold held tightly by a screwball. Its appearance does not scream Cape Cod, but it serves as an iconic indication for those who have memories in the town. It can signify the wearer’s childhood days or even his or her married life. Indeed, every armlet has a significant meaning.

    Who Invented This Jewelry?

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    The late artist and retired teacher, John Carey, created this chic accessory over 40 years ago. They built a small shop within 100 feet away from Carey’s residence. Their aim was to sell his and his wife’s creations so that they could still earn a living after their retirement. But they did not expect the seismic shift that awaited them.

    How Did It Become So Popular with Bracelet Lovers?

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    Some people believe that the trinket’s popularity began when the actress and Dennis-Yarmouth High School alumnus, Amy Jo Johnson, wore it on her 90s TV show, Felicity. Johnson confirms that she wore the jewelry for two straight years and never removed it.

    Thus, the fans of the show and the actress wanted to get cape cod bracelets. They went to Carey’s store, Eden Hand Arts, and bought this wristlet.

    According to John's wife, Eve, this was the start when all the problems occurred, businesswise and town-wise. They could not keep up with the demands they were getting. Furthermore, it caused traffic issues in their place. Their neighbors became restless, which is why Dennis Police Department assigned cops to their street but did not succeed to control traffic.

    The jewel was a local hit, and for the first decade, John Carey made each wristlet himself. However, the craze spread out all over Dennis and soon enough, all over the world.

    Despite the number of years gone by, the bracelet is still popular. It appeared on TV again when the Bachelorette contestant, Chris Lambton, gave it to Ali Fedotowsky when she visited his hometown, Dennis.

    The store is still as crowded as before, but you need to book a reservation before going to the shop. This way, their neighbors will not be disturbed despite the number of customers visiting the store and buying cape cod bracelets.