• What Are Fortune Bracelets and What Do They Mean?

    A belief is brought back to life from Senhor Do Bonhim Church in Bahia, Brazil.

    Fortune bracelets, otherwise known as wish wristbands or Bahia bands, are accessories worn around the wrist or ankle. These trinkets became popular in the 1800's, but they are being liked again because of their vibrant look and enchanted powers.

    Folklore says that Senhor Do Bonhim (Lord of Good End) will make your wishes come true if you wear the Bahia band until it naturally falls off or breaks down. Fortune trinkets are said to give you good luck and protect you from evil spirits.

    How Fortune Bracelets Works

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    The Law of Attraction states that you lure what you hold on the inside, and your thoughts are the base of what you are. If your desires are great, you build energy inside, which signifies your feelings. Consequently, it draws positive events like a magnet and attracts what it lures.

    Bahia bands remind you to think positively, which is the root of all actions: tie the wristband thrice and make a wish three times. Rub the beads regularly and imagine, with excitement, that your requests have come true. Once it falls off, your thought spirit is said to go to the Universe and return to earth as a life experience. That is why you need to make a wish with a pure and generous heart.

    Wishes That the Bahia Bands Can Fulfill

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    Wish wristbands would come in a wide range of colors, representing what your heart wants. For instance, if you want peace and love for your family, you should wear a red and white fortune wristband. If you are a business owner and growth and unity are what you want, then you should choose a multicolored wish trinket. Alternatively, you should get a pink jewel if you wish to have a love life.

    Other colors you can get, with their corresponding wishes, are as follows:

    • Green -- Well-Being, Money
    • Iris Moss -- Luck
    • Turquoise -- Healing, Balance, Bliss
    • Gold -- Wisdom, Joy, Fulfillment
    • Purple -- Imagination, Spirituality
    • Orange -- Triumph, Vitality
    • Black -- Resolutions, Willpower
    • Red -- Harmony, Love
    • White -- Peace & Protection

    Should You Make This Bracelet or Receive It?

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    There's nothing wrong if you make this bracelet since the rule of thumb is you have to tie it tightly to ensure attainment of wishes. You can wrap it around your wrist like a wristband or tie it in a bag. You can also use it as a decorative item at home and hang it in your room or wear it around your ankle. It does not matter where you want to put the trinket. What is more important is how you knot the wristband, and how it falls off.

    However, the legend says that fortune bracelets are more compelling if a person gives it to you and binds it for you.