• What Are the Side Effects of Magnetic Bracelets

    There are many innovative accessories on the market. Some of them provide convenience, while others offer relief. One of these groundbreaking accessories is the magnetic bracelets. These are metallic wristbands designed to simplify magnetic therapy. Magnetic therapy, on the other hand, is a magnet-based treatment. These magnets are attached to a bracelet and can be worn for as long as the wearer wants or depending on the patient’s condition.

    What Are the Benefits of Magnetic Therapy?

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    The magnetic treatment offers several benefits to users. Some of the common perks are a reduction of joint inflammation and pain relief. Patients with poor blood circulation can also benefit from this therapeutic wristband, such as women experiencing menstrual cramps during their periods.

    Are There Any Side Effects?

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    Advocates of this treatment claim that the bracelet has little to no side effects. However, there are reports concerning the use of this therapy. Some users complained about rashes after wearing the wristband. But according to the Magnetic Therapy Council (MTC), it could be due to the person’s sensitive skin. As a result, the patient is experiencing an increased pain in the affected region at the onset of treatment.

    Are There Any Precautions?

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    Even if the wristband has little to no adverse effects, you still need to take precautions before wearing it. Patients who use a defibrillator or cardiac pacemaker should never wear this bracelet, as it can inhibit the effects of these devices. You should also not wear it if you have epilepsy or are taking blood thinners.

    You should also not use this bracelet if you have cancer and are pregnant. Magnetic treatment can stimulate cell production. This effect can worsen the patient’s condition or affect the fetus’ growth in the mother’s womb. Thus, you need to consult your doctor before buying and wearing magnetic bracelets.