• What Are the Side Effects of Negative Ions Bracelets?

    The demands for negative ions bracelets and therapies have reached an all-time high over the past decade, despite the medical experts' statements about the integrity of these wristbands. According to the American Cancer Society, anion therapy uses thin metal magnets, which are mounted on bracelets. These small components are the accessories’ way of curing migraines, arthritis, relieving stress, and improving poor circulation, but they can cause cancer due to radiation.

    Are Negative Ions Wristbands Safe?

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    While many advocates of the anion therapy claim that these bracelets have no adverse effects, some users report minor side effects while wearing the wristband.

    Some of these adverse effects include the warm sensation for the first couple of days in areas where the band has been worn, says the Magnetic Therapy Council (MTC).

    The MTC believes that this side effect increases blood circulation and compares the outcome to the improved blood flow with exercise.

    Allergic Reactions and Rashes

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    The warm sensation is not the only reported adverse effect of negative ions bracelets, however.  Users also testify that rashes and allergic reactions occur on their skin after wearing the product. The MTC confirms these cases, but according to them, the manifestation of skin allergies is a rare episode.

    Additionally, some users felt nauseous upon wearing the bracelet on their wrists. However, the MTC says there is no physical cause for this to happen and argues that nausea is not an allergic reaction. That is because the symptoms wane down the moment the wearer takes it off. The council also states that this reported case is not considered as an anaphylactic reaction.

    Dizziness and Tingling

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    There are also reported cases of tingling sensation and dizziness for the first couple of days of use, according to the MTC. Nevertheless, the council considered it a good sign. When a person feels dizzy or itchy, it means that the circulation starts to improve. The council also assures users that they should not worry about it because it will only take a few days to feel these sensations.

    The MTC contends that these reported cases must be psychosomatic adverse effects. This means that these symptoms occurred because of the insecurity and fear of the wearer for using the wristband. The council also states that the reported side effects of negative ions bracelets are the body’s natural way of undergoing the biological process needed to adjust to the unfamiliar and new situation.