• What Are the Uses of Paracord Bracelets

    Paracord has become a valuable tool in the prepping community for a good reason. This robust material offers several tasks that you cannot imagine. The increase in demand and the manufacturers’ creativity have made multiple ways for campers to tote and to wear this accessory.

    This post will explain the many uses of paracord bracelets. But first, you need to know what this wristband is.

    Quick Overview of the Paracord Band

    A paracord bracelet, otherwise known as the parachute cord armlets, survival bracelets, and 550 cord wristbands, is a woven band made of paracord. They are used as a survival tool, which is why climbers, hikers, campers, and survivalists wear this accessory on their wrists.

    Paracord wristlets have seven inner strings with three additional strands for each inner cord. That is why this bracelet is useful for many emergency and survival situations.

    Uses of Paracord Bracelets

    The parachute cord wristband offers many uses besides being a wearable accessory. Listed below are the things you can do with this tool:

    1. Can Be Used as a Lashing Material in Creating Splints

    what is a paracord used for

    Image Credit: handmadebyheroes.com

    One of the many uses of this tool is that you can use it as a lashing material. The bracelet is about 15 ft. long when you unravel the cord. This length is more than enough to be used as a lashing material for a splint.

    2. An Efficient Tourniquet to Stop Bleeding

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    Image Credit: paracordplanet.com

    Another good thing about paracord bracelets is that you can use it as a tourniquet. This accessory is proven to be effective in stopping the bleeding.

    3. Can be Used as Belts, Shoelaces, and Suspenders

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    Do your shoes have no shoelaces? No problem! You can use the survival wristband as a shoelace. Undo the cord and insert it through the holes of your shoes. Voila! You now have shoelaces for your footwear.

    Additionally, you can use it as belts or suspenders for your oversized pants. Tie it around your waist or attach it to the midriff of your jeans to secure it.

    4. An Excellent Tool for Starting a Fire

    how to use a survival bracelet to start a fire

    Image Credit: skilledsurvival.com

    Paracord bracelets are an excellent replacement for the brow. The paracord strap and the greasy string give more adhesive friction to the drill and help with the operation of the kits.

    Insert the coiled bar with the bracelet’s string through the block of your softwood. This will serve as the bearing wedge for the topmost part of your drill. Meanwhile, the flat surface of the string will make the drill spin faster.

    5. Can Be Used as a Fishing Line

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    Image Credit: handmadebyheroes.com

    Survival bracelets can also be used to catch fish. Attach the paracord strand to the hook and put some bait on it.

    The paracord fishing line is ideal in misty waters and is perfect for catching non-picky eating fishes like catfish.

    6. Can Be Used as an Animal Trap

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    Image Credit: handmadebyheroes.com

    Knowing how to set up a bait can save you from starvation in a survival situation. The paracord bracelet strap can be used as triggers and snare nooses. The inner strings of the cord, on the other hand, can be used for making smaller trap parts. Meanwhile, you can use the shackle as a trigger.

    7. An Excellent Substitute to Tent Lines

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    Image Credit: paracordplanet.com

    When you are on a camping trip, but you forgot to bring your tent lines, you can use your paracord bracelets as an alternative tool. The wristband has an ample amount of strings that can be used for tying the tent.

    8. Can Be Used for Making Bows and Arrows

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    Image Credit: lifehacker.com

    Lastly, you can use the paracord bracelet to make bows and arrows. The cords of the survival armlet can be an efficient string for a DIY bow and arrow. With this tool, you can hunt for some food while you are in a survival situation or until you reach your destination.

    A paracord bracelet is one of those overlooked accessories. Save yourself from the pain and wear this accessory, especially when you are going on an adventure.