• What Are the Uses of Survivor Bracelets

    Jewelry pieces like bracelets were invented to improve the appearance of the wearer. But everything changed when the survivor bracelets came into the picture. It is the only wearable accessory that has many purposes, from handcrafting projects to emergency situations.

    This post will tell you about the different uses of survivor – more popularly known as paracord – wristbands.

    Practical Ways to Use Survival Bracelets

    We often have this bangle on our wrists or in our camping bags every time we go on an adventure. However, these wristbands are more than just survival kits since you can virtually use them in our daily lives. Listed below are the purposes of survival bracelets in our day-to-day activities:

    Use as a Tire Swing

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    Image Credit: diynetwork.com

    Some households have swings in their yard, especially if they have kids. Unfortunately, not only do the children sit on them but also adults. That is why the swing strings are prone to breakage.

    If this happens, you can use your survivor bracelets in exchange for the broken straps.  All you have to do is unravel the wristband, cut it to your desired length, and attach it to both sides of the swing. Paint the swing or use colorful paracords to attract the kids to sit on it.

    Use as a Lock for Your Backpacks and Coolers

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    Image Credit: globalsources.com

    We bring many things when we go camping or do any outdoor activities, which include our clothes, tents, food, and drinks. However, your backpack and cooler can attract pesky animals in the woods, leaving you nothing.

    If you want to keep your stuff safe while camping, why not use your paracord bracelet? The shackle of your wristband can pin the zipper of your bag or lock the lid of your cooler, giving you peace-of-mind even if you leave them unattended.

    Use as a Sled Rope during the Winter

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    Image Credit: survivallife.com

    Some people like the winter while others don’t. Regardless of your opinion regarding this season, you can turn your boring, winter day into an exciting one by riding on a sled. But you can still make it more fun by using your survival bracelet as a sled rope. It is the simplest way to give your winter ride some flare. Furthermore, this material is much safer to use than ropes because of its superior strength.

    These are some practical ways to use survivor bracelets. It is all up to you how you want to use it.