• What Is a Survival Bracelet?

    A survival bracelet, popularly known as a paracord wristband, is a woven accessory made of paracord. This bangle is more than a fashion item because it is considered a survival tool; hence, the name. The cord has seven inner strings on each thread with three inner strands of their own, giving you enough amount of cords to be used.

    Anyone who loves camping or going on an adventure is wearing this band. It is extremely handy and durable, which is why many people use this tool in survival situations. But there are other uses of this multipurpose wristband, and these are:

    Ideal for Making Handcrafted Projects

    survival bracelet diy

    Image Credit: pinterest.ph

    Paracord is durable and has a variety of colors. That is why some manufacturers use this material for making bags and accessories. Thus, you are guaranteed that your items will last long.

    Can Help an Injured Person or Victim

    what is paracord used for

    Image Credit: commonsensesurvival.com

    You can use the wristband as a first-aid kit when finding a professional medication is not an option. You can use it as a sling or even create a makeshift splint out of the paracord bracelet. Therefore, the risk of worsening the patient’s condition will be reduced.

    For these reasons, paracord bracelets are tremendous emergency tools and stylish at the same time.