Vintage Indian Bangles Baby Gold Bracelet

Vintage Indian Bangles Baby Gold Bracelet
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Babies are our source of inspiration and happiness. They enrich our lives with much joy that sometimes, we can't help but spoil them in every way. When you feel like giving them something that can make them look like a million dollar baby, then our Vintage Indian Bangles Baby Gold Bracelet is here to give them that feeling.

Indian culture has a rich history that includes wearing a piece or pieces of jewelry. Brides-to-be are often decorated with lovely trinkets that are specially made to bring in good prosperity to them and their partners. You can bring this rich culture into your child’s life with this amazing trinket on her wrist.

Made from the finest quality material, you are sure to have one very pretty and body-safe bangle. The pretty rope design of this variant is unique yet elegant. The intricate details say a lot about the craftsmanship dedicated to this piece. It also features a simple slip-on design for effortless and comfortable wear.

The Vintage Indian Bangle Bracelet is an elegant gold-plated trinket that you can pair with adorable baby clothes. Whether you put a casual or formal outfit on your baby, this bracelet is a great piece to add to your little one’s ensemble regardless of the occasion.

You may have just found the perfect baby gift ever! The beautiful design will surely mesmerize anyone, giving your little pea her well deserved ‘wow’ moment.

Keeping the trinket clean is the secret to making it last longer, and of course, preserving its charm. Always wipe the bangle with a dry towel, then store it in a place away from direct sunlight and dust.

Give only the best for your little one. Grab this Vintage Indian Bangles Baby Gold Bracelet now!

Color Gold
Materials Gold-plated metal
Length 2.17 inches
Design and Style Slip-on bracelet with a braided rope design


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