Purple Shade Jade Bracelet

Purple Shade Jade Bracelet
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Highlight your image with the lux and vibrant colors of this Purple Shade Jade Bracelet! Learn how the striking shades of these beads can make you look more sophisticated and luxurious!

Purple is the color of royalty, nobility, luxury, and power. It also symbolizes wealth, extravagance, creativity, and wisdom. If you would like to reverberate these awesome qualities and let them reflect in your everyday look, then wear this Purple Shade Jade Bracelet with your OOTD. This bracelet consists of numerous round jade beads with beautiful shades of purple. They're all strung together in an elastic cord, so you can wear it around your wrist or your neck.

We have provided four different bead sizes for you to choose from. There's a set of 95 beads that measure 0.16 inch in diameter. If you find that too small, then perhaps this accessory containing 65 pieces of 0.24-inch beads fits your taste better. It is also available in 0.31-inch beads, and this set contains 46 pieces. If you really want to make a statement, then go extra-large and purchase the bracelet with 38 pieces of beads, each measuring 0.39 inch in diameter. You can also mix them up and buy two or more sizes of different colors, wear them together to add more depth and texture to your look.

On top of making you glow like someone from the royal family, these alluring beads can also help you feel better from the inside. During ancient times, it is believed that purple jade can purify the aura and dispel any negative feelings or attitudes. It also allows for the spontaneous flow of joy in life, filling the soul of the wearer and spilling it over to others; hence, it's called the stone of mirth and happiness.

Buy this now and let happy thoughts fill you up as you go towards your day!

Color Purple
Materials Jade
Length 15.75 inches
Design and Style Bracelet with round purple jade beads strung together with an elastic band

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