Bike Chain Steel Engraved Bracelet

Bike Chain Steel Engraved Bracelet
  • Bike Chain Steel Engraved Bracelet
  • Bike Chain Steel Engraved Bracelet
  • Bike Chain Steel Engraved Bracelet
  • Bike Chain Steel Engraved Bracelet
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Do you love biking so much that you'd like to express your passion for biking through accessories and fashion? Wearing this Bike Chain Steel Engraved Bracelet around your wrist sure is a voguish way to do that!

We all have different ways of expressing ourselves, whether be it love, frustration, faith and even passion for a certain hobby. It is but natural that we'd like to show it off and let it reflect in our everyday life. While some people choose music or dancing, some people's outlet of expression is through fashion.

You can boldly express your love for biking by wearing this Bike Chain Steel Engraved Bracelet. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this bracelet will not tarnish. It is also stain and rust-resistant. And because this material is also used by surgeons and doctors, you can rest assured that this is hypoallergenic and is very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

This bike chain bracelet features polished stainless steel links with eight round cubic zirconia stones on each of the 14 link connections. You can lock and fasten this with a fold-over clasp.

The bracelet is 8.66 inches long, 0.51 inch wide with a thickness of 0.28 inch. And because it matches with pretty much any color, you can wear it anytime, anywhere.

Keep in mind to wear this bracelet in a way that minimizes any contact with other items that can damage or scratch the surface. If in case the bracelet got a scratch, you can always have it professionally polished by a jeweler. To keep it as good as new, store your stainless steel pieces separately from jewelry made of other metals. It is also advised that you keep your stainless steel items in individual bags or pouches.

Let your wrist shine by wearing this bike chain stainless steel bracelet! Add this to your cart now!

Color Silver
Materials Pendant/Beads: Cubic Zirconia
Chain: Stainless Steel
Length Chain: 8.66 inches
Pendant: 0.51 inch (length), 0.28 inch (height)
Design and Style Bike chain bracelet with a blank pendant for engraving


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