Egyptian Eye / Evil Eye Bracelet

Egyptian Eye / Evil Eye Bracelet
  • Egyptian Eye / Evil Eye Bracelet
  • Egyptian Eye / Evil Eye Bracelet
  • Egyptian Eye / Evil Eye Bracelet
  • Egyptian Eye / Evil Eye Bracelet
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Give your style an edgier look with this Egyptian Eye / Evil Eye Bracelet. This accessory will boost your confidence as a man because of the bracelet's appearance.

Our Egyptian Eye Bracelet has the word, "masculinity" written all over it. It comes in two colors: black and dark brown. Not only do these shades add class to the accessory; they also give the bracelet that "oomph" factor you've been wanting to have.

The band of this bracelet is made of leather. This means this accessory is built to last as long as it is properly maintained. As for the evil eye pendant, this part is made of zinc alloy. It adds shine to the bracelet, making it appealing and eye-catching.

Wearing this leather bracelet is not that hard. You don't need to hook any clasp or pull some strings to close it. All you have to do is wear it around your wrist, and you're done! Plus, it complements any style, whether you want a casual or formal look.

Cleaning this Evil Eye Bracelet is easy-breezy, though there are some pointers you need to remember. Since the band is made from leather, you should never soak it in the water. Otherwise, it will lose its charm.

So, the best way to clean this bracelet is by using a damp cloth. That would be enough to remove the dirt accumulated by the accessory while wearing it.

As for the pendant, create a lather using a non-gel toothpaste to clean it. Apply the solution with a soft-bristled brush, then wipe it with a clean cloth to dry. Store it in the jewelry box or any container when not in use.

Boost your masculinity by changing your look and wearing this bracelet! Grab this Egyptian Eye / Evil Eye Bracelet while supplies last.

Color Black, Dark Brown
Materials Pendant/Beads: Zinc Alloy
Chain: Leather
Length 9.37 inches
Design and Style Leather bangle bracelet with an Egyptian Eye/Evil Eye Pendant made from zinc alloy


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