Fashionable Evil Eye Bracelet

Fashionable Evil Eye Bracelet
$18.99 $37.99

Are you looking for a charm that can ward off evil spirits and amp up your style at the same time? Look no further than this Fashionable Evil Eye Bracelet! It's a talisman and a fashion accessory in one.

This enchanting evil eye bracelet has everything you've been looking for in a handmade jewel. It oozes with appeal as it has three pendants attached to their respective strings.

The first one is the infinity pendant. As what this symbol signifies, this charm epitomizes eternity. The second pendant - on the other hand - is an evil eye. This charm serves as the wearer's protection from bad omens. With this bracelet worn around your wrist, good fortune will follow you everywhere you go. Last is the elephant-shaped pendant. Like the evil eye, elephant charms are believed to bring good fortune.
When these drops are put together in one accessory, it will bring endless joy and wealth.

However, that's not the only purpose of this charm bracelet. As mentioned earlier, it's a fashion accessory. Thus, it can add flair to your overall look. Wear it with your oversized see-through blazer with a tank top and a pair of shorts underneath it to pull off a Boho look. Or you can be in your favorite go-to style like a simple shirt-and-jeans get-up. Whatever look you're going for, this bracelet can add a "wow" factor to your style.

Like any other pieces of jewelry, this bracelet also needs proper care and maintenance. To do this, you need to clean it from time-to-time. Since the chains are made from leather and wax rope, you need to use a damp cloth. Wipe it all over the bracelet, followed by a dry fabric. Once done, keep it in an airtight container to preserve its charm.

Attract good fortune in style. Get our Fashionable Evil Eye Bracelet now!

Color Navy Blue + White
Materials Pendant/Bead: Copper
Chain: Leather, Wax Rope
Length 16.30 + 1.97 inches
Design and Style Multi-layered leather and rope bracelet with elephant, evil eye, and infinity pendants


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