Punk Snake Leather - Best Friend Bracelet

Punk Snake Leather - Best Friend Bracelet
  • Punk Snake Leather - Best Friend Bracelet
  • Punk Snake Leather - Best Friend Bracelet
  • Punk Snake Leather - Best Friend Bracelet
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Do you have a best friend who sticks with you through thick and thin? One who spends time with you through all the good times and never leaves your side when you’re in trouble? If you do, consider yourself lucky for having such a true, loyal friend. Why not forge and strengthen your friendship's bond with this Punk Snake Leather – Best Friend Bracelet?

The Punk Snake Leather – Best Friend Bracelet is a wrap-around braided leather accessory with an ouroboros serving as the clasp. The artisan opted not to give the serpent's head and tail a mirror finish for depth and character and provide the bracelet the punk style that appeals to the men’s taste. This exquisite craftsmanship will surely turn heads!

The Ouroboros, a snake holding its tail in its mouth, is a symbol that has existed throughout history. It represents eternity and infinity. Artists and poets have used this motif and archetype in their works, so it’s no surprise that jewel artisans are also enthralled by this mythical serpent.

This serpent biting its own tail is a great symbol for friendship because this type of relationship isn’t bound or limited by time and distance. Give one to your friend and make sure you have yours, too!

A vintage piece of jewelry for a gentleman, it matches with casual get-ups. It has a length of 26.77 inches, so you need to wrap it around your wrist a few times. Secure it by hooking the tail on the mouth of the snake. It’s a stylish hook clasp only a real artisan can come up with such design.

Pay tribute to your best friend and surprise him with this one-of-a-kind gift. Don’t wait for Friendship Day. Click the cart button now, and we’ll take care of the delivery!

Color Black/Gold, Black/Silver, Brown/Silver
Materials Leather, Zinc Alloy
Length 26.77 inches
Design and Style Wrap-around braided leather bracelet with a snake's head and tail clasp


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