Snake Chain Charm - Best Friend Bracelet

Snake Chain Charm - Best Friend Bracelet
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A best friend is like an angel sent from above. She understands and accepts you no matter what. She’s the person you’ve built good memories with and one who has always been your partner in crime (well, not the kind that gets you to jail).

But, there really comes a point where you and your BFF have to part ways because you both need to fulfill your dreams. When this time comes, celebrate your friendship and give each other something that will always remind you that you always have a best friend.

The Snake Chain Charm – Best Friend Bracelet will bring you close together though you may be miles apart. With this bracelet around your wrist, the distance will not keep you separate.

Any girl would love to have this on her wrist. The snake chain comes with charms which are metal plates engraved with the phrase “no matter where”. But the most significant feature of this pair of bracelets is a heart that is severed into two.

So, each bracelet has half of the heart, a great reminder that your best friend completes your life. To secure the bracelet on your wrist, it comes with a lobster clasp so no matter how physically active you are, it won’t slip off your wrist.

True friendship lasts and so is this pair of bracelets. Premium metal is used to craft them to ensure they will last a lifetime. If you want to wear it 24/7, no problem! It won’t cause any skin irritation because it’s hypoallergenic. To keep its luster, clean it regularly because dirt and dust can make it look dull. It’s a constant reminder of your friendship so better keep it pristine.

You really don’t need to wait for the time when you and your best friend will have to be apart to buy this pair. Buy the bracelets and every day will be a friendship day!

Color Silver
Materials Zinc Alloy
Length 9.96 inches
Design and Style Snake chain bracelet with engraved metal charms


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