Friends Don't Lie - Best Friend Bracelet

Friends Don't Lie - Best Friend Bracelet
  • Friends Don't Lie - Best Friend Bracelet
  • Friends Don't Lie - Best Friend Bracelet
  • Friends Don't Lie - Best Friend Bracelet
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A best friend is someone you can always rely on, someone who is always after your best interest, and one who will always tell the truth even if it hurts. If you have this kind of best friend, then give her a special gift that will warm her heart.

The Friends Don't Lie - Best Friend Bracelet is a wonderful gift to give your closest friend. It features a simple cable link chain with a metal plate in the middle. Inscribed on the metal plate is “FRIENDS DON’T LIE”, a friendship code that reminds both of you to remain true and honest to each other to keep the friendship bond stronger and everlasting.

Every detail of this bracelet is given careful thought. Look at the lobster clasp. It’s a durable piece that will secure the bracelet on the wrist. Work the small lever to open and close it by applying very light pressure. Hook the claw on any of the loops of the extended chain once you’ve found the perfect fit. It’s that simple and easy.

Choose between silver and gold. To give you a hint which one to give your friend, see if she has more gold jewelry pieces, and if she does, give her the gold-plated one. A piece of silver jewelry doesn’t go well with gold accessories. Mixing the two is a fashion crime, which you won’t want your friend to commit.

Offered at a very affordable price, we think that you should pair it up with a necklace. Buy a pair (necklace and bracelet) then keep whichever for yourself and give the other to your best friend. That way, both of you will be constantly reminded of your friendship code.

True friends don’t lie. Cherish that one true friend with a simple gesture of giving her something chic and stylish. Let other people know that you are best friends by wearing the friendship code together. Buy now!

Color Silver, Gold
Materials Zinc Alloy
Length N/A
Design and Style Bracelet or necklace with a charm inscribed with “FRIENDS DON’T LIE”.


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