Rhinestone Music Notes Rose Gold Bracelet

Rhinestone Music Notes Rose Gold Bracelet
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The great Louis Armstrong once said, "Music is life itself. What would this world be without good music? No matter what kind it is.". Well, he is certainly not wrong. If you love music and consider it as an essential part of your day to day life, you can express that through the Rhinestone Music Notes Rose Gold Bracelet!

For some people, music is an integral part of their lives. It doesn't matter if you make music yourself or if you are just someone who listens to it passionately. If you want to show the world just how much you appreciate music and what it means to you, then make the Rhinestone Music Notes Rose Gold Bracelet a part of your life.

The Rhinestone Music Notes Rose Gold Bracelet is made from high-quality alloy and crystals. It's a beautifully made bangle type of bracelet. Also, it measures around 2.50 inches in diameter. Apart from its pretty Rose Gold finish, this bangle's main statement piece is the 0.59 x 0.63-inch clear crystal encrusted musical note charm that you can find in its center. It's truly the highlight of this jewelry piece.

If you want to know if the Rhinestone Music Notes Rose Gold Bracelet would fit you perfectly, you can measure your wrist size. This piece might be a bangle, but it comes with its own lock, which makes it easier for you to wear and to remove this.

Given how amazing this bracelet looks, you might want to keep it as long as you can! To avoid tarnishing, keep it away from perfume or other sprays. If you are using lotion, make sure it dries first before putting this bracelet on. After every use, clean this bangle with a soft cloth to get rid of the dirt and dust.

Life is boring without music. Be chirpy and put a little vigor into your life with our Rhinestone Music Notes Rose Gold Bracelet.

Color Rose Gold
Materials Zinc Alloy, Crystals
Length 2.50 inches
Design and Style Rose Gold Bangle with Crystal Embedded “Musical Note” Center


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