Statement - Rubber Bracelet

Statement - Rubber Bracelet
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Cheer your friend up by doing a simple act of thoughtfulness! Give this Statement - Rubber Bracelet as a reminder of your friendship that has been tested through time!

Life can be tough sometimes, but during these hard times, it's good to have someone who's always there to put a smile on your face and to remind you to always "Stay strong"! Just like what the printed message says in this stylish Statement - Rubber Bracelet. This simple yet elegant-looking accessory is made of non-toxic silicone, which is widely used in making accessories because of its skin-friendliness. You can also rest assured that this will feel light and comfortable while worn because of its smooth and soft texture. There's also no need to take this off when you need to wash your hands because this material is water-resistant.

And because the bracelet is stretchable, all you need to do is slide in your hand and set this accessory around your wrist; then you should be good to go. No need to get hung up with small locks and clasps that can be quite hard and complicated to deal with sometimes. This black rubber bracelet has a simple yet moving message that says, "Stay strong," which is printed on one side of the bracelet.

On the opposite side, a cute little red heart-shaped design is also printed. This bracelet measures 7.87 inches long and is 0.98 inch wide. If you have a friend or a loved one who is currently going through a hard situation, you can make them feel more loved by giving this as a gift. Not only that this bracelet has a powerful message, but it will undoubtedly look good on his or her wrist as well.

Aside from your hugs and kind words, this bracelet is a trendy way to have your friend remember you by! Add this to your cart now!

Color Black
Materials Silicone
Length 7.87 inches * 0.98 inch
Design and Style Black rubber bracelet with heart-shaped print design and a printed message saying “Stay strong”

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