925 Sterling Silver Bar Round Stick Bracelet

925 Sterling Silver Bar Round Stick Bracelet
  • 925 Sterling Silver Bar Round Stick Bracelet
  • 925 Sterling Silver Bar Round Stick Bracelet
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Feminine, dazzling, and graceful, the 925 Sterling Silver Bar Round Stick Bracelet makes a great jewelry box staple every woman should have.

Its mesmerizing shine comes from the fact that it is crafted from sterling silver, which is then polished to perfection. Showcasing two layers of box chains interspersed with silver bars, this piece of jewelry looks remarkably stunning.

Incorporated into the design is a functional spring-ring clasp to provide security for the jewelry while it’s being worn. To open it, pull back the lever with your thumbnail and a gap will be revealed. Insert a chain or loop into this gap then release the lever. This will completely close the gap. With this type of clasp, there’s no possibility for the chain to exit the ring unless you open it. Being equipped with such a reliable clasp, you can fully enjoy wearing it without any worry of getting it lost.

We know that size matters, and we want this splendid bracelet to accommodate any wrist size. So, an extended chain is provided to allow the necessary adjustments.

In case you have sensitive skin, this piece of jewelry is safe for you since it’s nickel and lead-free. Nickel and lead usually cause skin allergies, but silver is hypoallergenic.

This is a wardrobe-friendly piece of jewelry. Since it’s silver, it is more resplendent in the evening. If you want to wear it during the daytime, this is perfectly fine as it will still glimmer under natural light. Should you wear it on the right or on the left wrist? It doesn’t really matter; just don’t mix it up with gold pieces of jewelry to avoid a fashion crime.

Get a bracelet that doesn’t just grab attention but also admiration. This is a bracelet that will truly elevate your fashion sensibility, so what’s stopping you from clicking the “Buy” button?

Color Silver
Materials Silver
Length N/A
Design and Style Sterling silver bracelet with box chain interspersed with bars


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