925 Sterling Silver Evil Eye Bracelet

925 Sterling Silver Evil Eye Bracelet
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Celebrate the momentous occasion in style by wearing this 925 Sterling Silver Evil Eye Bracelet! It's the perfect accessory to wear when attending special events, such as weddings, engagement parties, or any occasion that will let you wear your dainty dress on.

Simple yet chic, this Sterling Silver Evil Eye Bracelet is the only accessory you need to amp up your style. This magnificent jewel adds class to your look.

As the name suggests, this exquisite bracelet is made from sterling silver, a widely used material in making jewelry. Sterling silver is not just known for its lustrous shine; it's also known for its impeccable quality.

As for the evil eye pendant, this one is made from cubic zirconia with a blue enamel at the middle. With this combination of materials, everyone will be mesmerized by the bling around your wrist.

Our Silver Evil Eye Bracelet is an adjustable bracelet - thanks to the clasp. Just hook it to one of the chain holes to secure the jewelry around your wrist.

And since the color of this bracelet is silver, it complements any formal outfit. You can be bold or be playful with your dress - it doesn't matter! This elegant sterling silver bracelet can match your style.

There are a few things you need to remember to keep the bracelet's lustrous shine and condition. First, you have to keep it away from your other jewels to avoid friction loss. Last, you have to clean it thoroughly. You may use a soft cloth or toothpaste and a soft brush to keep it shiny. Doing so will make this accessory last for a long time.

Don't just stare at this bracelet and do nothing! Get this 925 Sterling Silver Evil Eye Bracelet by clicking the "Add to Cart" button.

Color Silver
Materials Pendant/Beads: Cubic Zirconia + Blue Enamel
Chain: Sterling Silver
Length 6.69-8.26 inches (Adjustable)
Design and Style Adjustable sterling silver bracelet with an evil eye pendant made from cubic zirconia and blue enamel


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