925 Sparkling Strand Bracelet

925 Sparkling Strand Bracelet
  • 925 Sparkling Strand Bracelet
  • 925 Sparkling Strand Bracelet
  • 925 Sparkling Strand Bracelet
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Graceful, exquisite, and elegant, the 925 Sparkling Strand Bracelet will bring radiant shine even when the sun is not in sight.

The 925 Sparkling Strand Bracelet is a tennis bracelet studded with shimmering cubic zirconia, which closely resembles the sparkle and luster of a diamond. It may not be the real "girl’s best friend”, but with the striking semblance, it will be mistaken for the most precious stone by unsuspecting eyes. With the crystals’ glimmer dancing in the light, it is such a beautiful sight worthy to be held in people’s eyes. So, wrap it around your wrist to stand out from the crowd. You’ve just found a new “best friend” that won’t let you break the bank.

It comes with an adjustable slider silver bead to punctuate a sophisticated piece of jewelry, elevating fashion sensibility. This ethereal slider makes finding the perfect fit easy regardless of the size of your wrist. To prevent it from sliding all the way, each end of the bracelet has a fixed smaller silver bead. This is what you can truly call “glamour meets functionality”.

Crafted beautifully with much attention given to detail, this splendid piece of jewelry is made of 92.5% silver or more commonly known as the sterling silver. To give it mirror shine, it’s polished and plated with real silver for that everlasting luster.

Wear it during any occasion, special or ordinary, because elegance doesn’t choose a particular moment. Let your inner radiance shine through with this sparkling bracelet and receive admiring glances even from women with impeccable taste in fashion.

Put on your best clothing pieces and complete your look with this stunning bracelet. Bring the sunshine with you wherever, whenever and glow as bright as the early morning sun because it’s known for its soft warmth. Click the cart button now!

Color Gold, Silver, Rose Gold
Materials Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia
Length 10.63 inches
Design and Style Tennis bracelet with adjustable slider


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