Bell Design - Baby Gold Bracelet

Bell Design - Baby Gold Bracelet
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Let there be an overload of cuteness when you put this Bell Design – Baby Gold Bracelet on either your baby’s wrist. Babies are too young to have their own fashion sense, so why not start introducing what great fashion means at such a tender age to your little one?

This dainty bracelet comes with two chiming bells so that whenever your baby flutters around, you will hear melodious jingles. Babies love to shake their arms when they’re happy, and what a great way to accompany these arm movements with the sound that Tinkerbell loves to make!

Designed with an easy-to-adjust mechanism, this bangle will give the perfect fit as your tot grows. Crafted from copper with thick 24K gold plating, this bangle will keep its gold shine for many years. Made carefully under precise factory conditions, you’re guaranteed of its high quality. The outer surface, particularly the center, is engraved with intricate patterns.

We know that a baby’s skin is so delicate that anything impure can cause allergies. With this touching your baby’s skin, you’ll be worry-free since it doesn’t have any traces of lead, nickel, and cadmium—substances which are harmful to the skin.

Is your child attending a kiddie party? Let him or her grace the event by putting this bangle on his or her wrist. Everyone will be paying attention to the cutest, bubbliest child around! If you’re looking for a great costume to go with this, you’ll never go wrong with Tinkerbell’s or Peter Pan’s costume. But with the melodious chimes the bells create, we’re sure enough you wouldn’t reserve it only for special occasions. So, go ahead and let your little one wear it as often as you wish!

Let the bells complement the gleeful giggles of your little pumpkin! Buy now!

Color Gold
Materials 24K Gold-Plated Copper
Length 1.73 inches to 1.97 inches
Design and Style Adjustable bangle for babies with bells


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