Black / Gold Bead Bracelet for Men

Black / Gold Bead Bracelet for Men
  • Black / Gold Bead Bracelet for Men
  • Black / Gold Bead Bracelet for Men
  • Black / Gold Bead Bracelet for Men
  • Black / Gold Bead Bracelet for Men
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There's nothing more classic than a black and gold bracelet. The color combination results in an elegant and sophisticated look. More so, it's the perfect combination to suit any style. Yes, especially men.

Don't believe us? Just have a look at this Black / Gold Bead Bracelet for Men.

One look at this sophisticated wrist accessory and you'll start to wonder at the fine details and expert craftsmanship. It might even be hard to believe that such a product exists, especially at this price range. But no, you're definitely not dreaming.

Professional artisans delicately crafted each of these bracelets by hand. The wooden beads and metal pieces are intricately carved, giving it a high-fashion aesthetic. The bracelet is adjustable between 6.69 inches to 7.48 inches, and the thickness of the beads are available in three variants: 10mm, 12mm, and 14 mm.

This beaded bracelet doesn't contain nickel or lead, which means they are non-toxic. But, they could still gather dust and dirt, so you need to clean them occasionally by applying vinegar or freshly squeezed lemon juice. Then, remove all dirt and residue using an old toothbrush with soft bristles and rinse with clean running water.

Keep this bracelet in an air-tight container to prevent the metal from tarnishing. Humidity plays a vital role in the quality of the bracelet, so a small pack of silica gel in its container will help a lot in making this bracelet to last a lifetime.

This Black / Gold Bead Bracelet for Men is the perfect statement piece for any formal event, or just to finish your casual everyday look.

Whatever your reasons might be, a classy gentleman such as you are sure to find ways to spruce up his style. Order one of these now!

Color Black, Gold
Materials Wood, Stainless Steel
Length 6.69 inches to 7.48 inches
Design and Style Black and gold beaded bracelet with dragons' heads charms

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