Black Magnetic Stone Bracelet

Black Magnetic Stone Bracelet
  • Black Magnetic Stone Bracelet
  • Black Magnetic Stone Bracelet
  • Black Magnetic Stone Bracelet
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“ Simplicity is beauty” – it’s the perfect phrase to describe our Black Magnetic Stone Bracelet. Not only do these alluring bracelets add a “wow” factor to your outfit; it provides healing properties. So, you are not only getting a piece of jewelry but a therapeutic one, too!

Made from acrylic, this enchanting accessory is a great addition to any of your fashion ensemble. The sleek beaded design with its elegant black color makes this piece a total stand out.

Pair it with your casual clothes to make any outfit work with this lovely jewelry. That little black dress will shine bright when you accent it with this lovely piece. Indeed, this beaded bracelet can amp up any style!

However, this bracelet is not just for personal use. You can also get this accessory for your friend, partner, and even your family. It will fit any personality and will be an instant fave of anyone who loves fancy presents. This trinket is versatile since anyone can wear it, regardless of their age and gender.

The best part? It is available in three sizes, ranging between 0.24 inches and 0.39 inches. With this vast selection of diameters, you can get an alluring bracelet that fits you or your loved one.

Our Magnetic Stone Bracelet is not just eye-catching but also beneficial. It has remarkable calming properties, which benefit those who have troubled minds. It also claims to improve blood circulation and enhance cognitive functions.

Grab this enchanting trinket and have an accessory that you can wear at parties or just chilling at home. Not only will you get an elegant piece of accessory; you will also enjoy the health benefits provided by this charming bracelet.

What are you waiting for? Grab this Black Magnetic Stone Bracelet by hitting that “Add to Cart” button! We guarantee you; you’d be glad you did.

Color Black
Materials Acrylic
Length 0.24 inches, 0.31 inches, 0.39 inches
Design and Style Beaded bracelet with healing properties


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