Elastic Stone Beads - Couple Bracelet

Elastic Stone Beads - Couple Bracelet
  • Elastic Stone Beads - Couple Bracelet
  • Elastic Stone Beads - Couple Bracelet
  • Elastic Stone Beads - Couple Bracelet
  • Elastic Stone Beads - Couple Bracelet
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Want to surprise your partner with a gift? Why not give him this Elastic Stone Beads - Couple Bracelet? This set of charms is the perfect way to express your appreciation to your partner and give him something to remember you.

The Stone Beads Couple Bracelet is a convenient and enigmatic accessory. Convenient because this beaded bling is easy to wear. It has no knots that you have to pull nor clasps that you have to unhook. You only have to slip it on your wrist, and you’re good to go!

It’s enigmatic because this ruggedly handsome bracelet is made from lava stones and rocks. These materials give your style an “oomph” factor – thanks to the bracelets’ rustic look.

The Elastic Stone Beads Bracelet is available in four sets of two bracelets – one for you and another one for your lover. Each set has a vibrant color combination. We have pink-black, white-black, turquoise-black, and pink crystal-black. Get a hue combo that fits both of your preferences.

Couple bracelets are not just romantic but also practical. These accessories are reminders of your relationship. Plus, they are less expensive than the metal-based couple jewels.

The classic design of this jewelry is formal get-togethers or casual meet-ups. You will always have something to upgrade the style of your outfit.

Like any other accessories, our Elastic Couple Bracelet also needs proper care and maintenance. Otherwise, it will lose its charm.

To do this, you have to wash them with warm water and mild soap. Dry them thoroughly and store them in a compartmentalized jewelry box. Doing so will prevent damage, and of course, preserve their impeccable beauty.

The perfect gift is just a click away, so don't miss out your chance to express your fidelity and commitment to your loved one. Grab this Elastic Stone Beads - Couple Bracelet now!

Color White-Black, Pink-Black, Turquoise-Black, Pink Crystal- Black
Materials Stone Beads
Length .75 - .79 inches (Adjustable)
Design and Style 1 set of beaded bracelets made from stone beads and rocks


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