Braided Rope Paracord Bracelet

Braided Rope Paracord Bracelet
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Being adventurous and doing many daring activities is one of the most amazing things that you can do in your life. If you crave adventures like rock climbing, rappelling, or camping, then you would surely get a kick out of our wide range of Paracord bracelets. On your next camping adventure, make sure to order and wear our Braided Rope Paracord Bracelet today!

This functional and stylish wrist accessory is made for men or women because of its size that can fit the wrists of both genders. This highly-functional bracelet has a length that ranges from 8.27 inches to 9.06 inches. The Paracord rope has a diameter of 0.16 inches, which has been tightly braided and wounded to produce this amazing bracelet.

Moreover, this Braided Rope Paracord Bracelet has a very neutral tan and brown color that can suit any camping outfit you have. The Paracord rope has been connected on both ends by a stainless steel double-safety clasp for extreme security and safety.

In addition, our Braided Rope Paracord Bracelet can help you when you get into trouble during one of your camping trips, you can just remove the Paracord rope from the clasp and unwind the long rope, which has a total length of 3.5 meters. You can use this in the wilderness and forests because this can withstand weights of up to 200 kilograms. Sometimes a rope is all you need to save your life!

Furthermore, this Braided Rope Paracord Bracelet is not only for your camping adventures, because you can also use this every day at work or in school. It has a very stylish design that it can go with any clothing item in your closet.

Feel more secure when you walk out the door by wearing our Braided Rope Paracord Bracelet!

Color Tan, Brown, Silver
Materials Paracord Rope, Stainless Steel
Length 8.27 inches to 9.06 inches
Design and Style A highly-functional paracord bracelet used for travel and adventure trips


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