Brass Elastic Wonder Woman Bracelet

Brass Elastic Wonder Woman Bracelet
  • Brass Elastic Wonder Woman Bracelet
  • Brass Elastic Wonder Woman Bracelet
  • Brass Elastic Wonder Woman Bracelet
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Harness the power and beauty of Diana Prince by wearing this Brass Elastic Wonder Woman Bracelet!

Have goddess-like confidence when you wear a bracelet that belongs to a cosmic superhero! Wrap this Brass Elastic Wonder Woman Bracelet around your wrist and feel the power of fortitude and courage flow as you go about your usual tasks.

This sophisticated accessory is made of zinc alloy, a material that is popular in jewelry making because of its versatility. The cuff area resembles the logo of our favorite powerful female superhero, the material was polished and designed to have an antique touch. The alloy plate has a width measuring 1.38 inch wide.

To make the size more adjustable, an elastic rope is attached to make sure that it stays secure around your wrist. This elastic rope measures 0.59 inch wide. The bracelet itself has a diameter of 3.54 inches. If you're a die-hard pop-culture fan, you'll surely love this bracelet so much, you might even sleep wearing it!

Likewise, if you have a friend who's just as crazy as you are over comic superheroes, you can give this as a gift and he or she might even jump for joy!

To keep its prowess glowing, here are a few things to remember! It would be a good idea to keep it from getting direct contact against other materials. Avoid it from getting wet, thus, it would be better to remove it before taking a shower or washing your hands. Should you need to wipe it, you better use a soft cloth. And as tempting as it sounded earlier, do not sleep wearing this accessory.

Show them some girl power and punch dull casual look away! Add this to your cart now!

Color Silver / Brass
Materials Zinc alloy / Elastic Rope band
Length 3.54 inches (diameter)
Design and Style Wonder Woman cuff bracelet with elastic band


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