Carved White Copper - Copper Bracelet

Carved White Copper - Copper Bracelet
  • Carved White Copper - Copper Bracelet
  • Carved White Copper - Copper Bracelet
  • Carved White Copper - Copper Bracelet
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A true artisan’s work, the Carved White Copper – Copper Bracelet is engraved with the Tibetan Buddhism's Six True Words, and on the inner surface, you’ll find the Heart Sutra. The Heart Sutra is translated to “The Heart of Perfection of Wisdom”, and it’s the most popular Buddhist scripture.

The Six True Words, Om Ma Ni Pad Med, is a mantra chanted by Buddhists to invite joy and peaceful vibrations. Commonly carved or painted on rocks and prayer wheels, these powerful words are already carved on a magnificent bracelet so you can carry this powerful mantra with you anytime, anywhere! Each of these six powerful words has essential meanings.

On the other hand, The Heart Sutra is a favorite scripture recited by Buddhists during their meditation. Today, however, even non-Buddhists are attracted to the text as it embodies “all good things”. The scripture, which is written in Chinese characters, has become a representation of abundance and great transformation.

The beautiful, intricate characters are engraved by the hands of a true artisan on silver-plated copper. Using premium jewel material, expect that the luster and brilliance won’t tarnish when it’s given the proper care.

It has a circumference of around seven to eight inches with a C-shaped design, which means it is adjustable and can be conveniently worn or removed without the hassle of fastening or unfastening a clasp. While it looks great on any wrist, it will also be a fashionable arm cuff.

Make a fashion statement by wearing it around your wrist and find spiritual Zen as you chant the Six True Words. Mix it with other Buddhist-inspired bracelets for spiritual upliftment. However, you really don’t have to be a Buddhist to wear the Carved White Copper - Copper Bracelet; let it be your inspiration to embrace peace and attract abundance.

Wear it to see the difference. Buy now!

Color Silver
Materials Silver Plated Copper
Length 5.90 inches to 7.87 inches (Adjustable)
Design and Style Cuff bracelet engraved with the Tibetan Buddhism Six True Words


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