Charming Rope Chain Couple Bracelet

Charming Rope Chain Couple Bracelet
  • Charming Rope Chain Couple Bracelet
  • Charming Rope Chain Couple Bracelet
  • Charming Rope Chain Couple Bracelet
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Are you looking for a gift for your special someone on your next anniversary? Why not give your honey this Charming Rope Chain Couple Bracelet? It's the perfect way to celebrate your love for each other.

Our Charming Chain Couple Bracelet has a simple yet chic design. It features multiple layers of rope chains knotted together. At the center of each couple bracelet are two charming pendants. The first drop is a star, while the second one is a cat. These features, alone, make this handcrafted accessory jaw-dropping.

Then, there are the adjustable knots. These tied ends secure the bracelet on your wrist. Just pull the tips together until you get the perfect fit.

Our Rope Chain Couple Bracelet is available in two sets of vibrant colors: black-and-white and coffee-and-red. These hues complement any casual look. You can put it on your wrist while you're in your matching Bohemian-inspired outfits. You can even pull off your swimming outfits with this accessory on your wrist. Regardless of what you and your lover are wearing, these bracelets will look good on you.

But wait...what if you're single? Can you still pull off these enchanting bracelets? Yes, of course! Wear them together, and everyone will admire the accessories around your arm. But you can also put on one piece if you want. No matter how you want to wear these bracelets, they will rock your look.

But before anything else, you need to know how to clean these bracelets, so it doesn't lose their charm. To do this, you need to work the non-gel toothpaste into a lather. Scrub it all over the pendants and rinse the bracelets thoroughly until all residues are gone. Wipe the bracelets with a clean, soft cloth to dry.

Be the cutest couple wherever you go. Get this Charming Rope Chain Couple Bracelet now!

Color Black + White, Red + Coffee
Materials Pendant/Beads: Zinc Alloy
Chain: Rope
Length N/A
Design and Style 2 pieces of rope bracelets of different colors with star and cat pendants


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