Classic Natural Jade Bracelet

Classic Natural Jade Bracelet
  • Classic Natural Jade Bracelet
  • Classic Natural Jade Bracelet
  • Classic Natural Jade Bracelet
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Be classy in style while staying true to your love for stones with our Classic Natural Jade Bracelet.

This wrist accessory is made from natural stones which--according to some sources--hold individual unique healing properties. It’s believed that the minerals harvested from the earth absorbed mother nature’s natural healing process. This power is then passed on to the stones to carry out the work.

Jade is no exception. Simple ailments such as headaches and other common types of body pain can be alleviated with the help of this green gemstone.

This bracelet is made from laser-cut precious stones shaped into cylinders and beads. They are then alternately arranged to create an aesthetic style.

Don’t expect the same color combinations and patterns as you see on your screen. As each jade stone brings out unique patterns every time, so does the designs of the beads.

Everything is threaded through using a string that measures 6.69 inches. This string is made from elastic, so it can adjust accordingly based on the wearer’s wrist size.

This also makes it a great gift idea for anyone! Whether or not the recipient believes in the power of stone healing, they can’t deny the mesmerizing swirls and hues of this accessory.

If you think that all those stone beads make this a heavy item to boast around, don’t worry. It only weighs at about 20 grams, so it’s pretty lightweight for something so precious.

It also comes with a pouch for safekeeping. It’s important that you keep it from other jewelry pieces, especially if they have sharp and pointed elements to prevent damaging your accessory.

Go green with any outfit with our Classic Natural Jade Bracelet! There’s no better way to reconnect with mother nature while staying in the trend at the same time.

Color Green
Materials Pendant/Beads: Aventurine
Chain: Elastic String
Length 6.69 inches
Design and Style Cylindrical and round shaped beads carved from natural green stone

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