Clear Green Jade Bracelet

Clear Green Jade Bracelet
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If you have a thing for the film "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon," then you know that only the royal men and women in ancient China possessed a jade stone as a sign of wealth and power. After all, this is why the Chinese have a Jade Palace. Nowadays, the word itself is attached to most business names to symbolize high-quality and luxury. And, since beads never go out of fashion, we've made the Clear Green Jade Bracelet available to avid fans of the stone who'd like to look sophisticated and elegant.

This beautiful and radiant jade bracelet is available in five different bead-sizes (4, 6, 8, 10, 12 millimeters). They have a total length of 15 to 16 inches approximately, and they can be worn as a necklace alternatively. Many of our customers also wear them for their spiritual properties. They spiritually cleanse these beads by smoking them with white sage incense. No matter what you intend to use them for, you'll surely leave everyone with a great impression.

Jade stones are germ-resistant. But, they could still gather dust and dirt, so you need to wash them regularly with any ordinary hand soap at home. Then, rinse with clean running water. When not in use, keep them on your nightstand, on your desk, or anywhere near you. Sure it will gather and accumulate dust, but keeping it hidden won't give you the benefits.

If you want to keep your best friend safe and sound, this will make an ideal present because jade stones have spiritual protection properties, too! So, if you have a sweet Chinese spot, then this bracelet is perfect for your taste. These bracelets are unisex and timeless. Order now and prepare to make people's heads turn just to get another glimpse of this fine accessory.

Color Light Green
Materials Jade Stone
Length 15-16 inches
Design and Style Bracelet made of clear green jade beads


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