Copper / Sparta Men's Bracelet

Copper / Sparta Men's Bracelet
  • Copper / Sparta Men's Bracelet
  • Copper / Sparta Men's Bracelet
  • Copper / Sparta Men's Bracelet
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Everyone loves the movie "300." Was it the cinematography? The actors? The script? No, it was the rich culture and the great history of the Spartans. Luckily, the Copper / Sparta Men's Bracelet is here to make you feel like a warrior!

This fierce-looking bracelet is ready to conquer with you on any event, gathering, and occasion. It matches well on casual clothing, on a white shirt, jogger shorts, office attire, or even in swimwear!

The sky is the limit with this bracelet. It is available in five different sizes: 6.50 inches, 7.09 inches, 7.48 inches, 8.07 inches, and 8.46 inches, respectively. Each bracelet has a bangle made of trendy European fashion umbrella rope, which is super-lightweight and versatile.

The Spartan pieces: the shield and helmet, are made of premium copper that is rust-resistant and hypoallergenic. The shield piece measures 0.71 by 0.47 inches, while the helmet piece measures 0.98 by 0.47 inches.

This bracelet is secured by a copper lock, and the bangles are available in two brown and green color variants. The Spartan pieces, on the other hand, are available in copper and stainless steel silver color options.

The copper-piece will eventually discolor and tarnish. To avert this, ensure that you clean this bracelet regularly. Use toothpaste, freshly-squeezed lemon, or vinegar to clean the metal. Brush it with a clean toothbrush with soft bristles until all dirt and residues are gone. Then, wipe it with cotton or a piece of cloth.

Alternatively, you can dampen a piece of cloth with hand soap and use it to wipe the bracelet. Avoid washing this accessory with water to prevent the leather piece from breaking. Store in an air-tight container away from high temperature and humidity.

Get your imaginary shield and spear! Don't forget to wear this bracelet when you debut on your Spartan ensemble! So, order now, and add this piece of art to your cart, and enjoy!

Color Brown, Green
Materials Copper and Rope
Length 6.50 inches, 7.09 inches, 7.48 inches, 8.07 inches, 8.46 inches
Design and Style Paracord rope bracelet with spartan-themed charms


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