Crystal Chain Evil Eye Bracelet

Crystal Chain Evil Eye Bracelet
  • Crystal Chain Evil Eye Bracelet
  • Crystal Chain Evil Eye Bracelet
  • Crystal Chain Evil Eye Bracelet
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Ward off evil spirits and protect yourself in style by wearing this Crystal Chain Evil Eye Bracelet. This elegant bracelet serves not only to amp up your look but also to give you protection from bad omens.

This type of chain bracelet comes in gold color and a variety of evil eye pendants to choose from. We have around evil eye pendant, hand-shaped with an eye at the center of the pendant, and an eye-shaped pendant. All these pendants are adorned with cubic zirconia crystals that give your accessory a perfect look.

The chain is made from zinc alloy which is a widely used material in making jewelry because of its versatility. Plus, it adds class to the accessory, making it the perfect bling to wear when attending a special occasion, such as weddings, engagement parties, or any event that requires you to look extra chic.

However, it doesn't mean you can only wear this exquisite jewelry on such occasions. Since it can protect you from evil spirits, you can use it as your everyday accessory. You can wear it while pulling off a laidback look or looking presentable at work - it doesn't matter! This charming bracelet will make you look divine regardless of what you're wearing.

Cleaning this Crystal Chain Bracelet with an Evil Eye Pendant is easy, though you still need to be cautious since both parts are made from different materials.

To clean the gold alloy chain, you need to use an acetone-based nail polish remover and a Q-tip. Dip the Q-tip into the remover, then rub it all over the chain to remove the dirt. Wash it thoroughly until the excess chemical is gone, then wipe it with a clean cloth to dry.

As for the pendant, use a soft brush and scrub it with mild, soapy water to remove the dirt. Rinse it well, then use a soft fabric to dry. Doing these tips will keep the accessory's lustrous shine and charm.

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Color Blue, Turquoise
Materials Pendant/Beads: Cubic Zirconia
Chain: Zinc Alloy
Length 7.09 inches
Design and Style Chain bracelet with an evil eye pendant at the center and a bolo clasp to adjust the wrist circumference

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