Cute Piggy Couple Bracelets

Cute Piggy Couple Bracelets
  • Cute Piggy Couple Bracelets
  • Cute Piggy Couple Bracelets
  • Cute Piggy Couple Bracelets
  • Cute Piggy Couple Bracelets
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Many people say that happy couples gain weight together. With our Cute Piggy Couple Bracelets, you can tell your babe how glad you are to be with him (or her) in style.

Our Cute Piggy Bracelets look adorable. Each bracelet features a twisted rope chain that comes in black (for guys) and red (for girls) colors. At the center of both accessories is a pig made from silver. This pendant adds not just flair but also cuteness to the bracelet. Plus, it's safe for the skin as it is nickel- and lead-free!

Not only that; these charming bracelets also have lobster clasps and metal chains. These locks secure the accessories around your wrist. Just hook the lobster clasps to one of the holes of the metal strings, and you're ready to flaunt your new couple bracelets.

Our Cute Piggy Bracelets for Couples are the perfect matching accessories to wear to level up your style. You can wear these trinkets with your couple's shirts to add more cuteness to your look. You can even pair it up with your favorite date outfits, and we guarantee you; you'll be the most lovely couple wherever you go. So no matter what you and your partner wear, these captivating bracelets will rock your look!
But no matter how long-lasting these bracelets are, you still need to give them proper care and maintenance. Otherwise, they will tarnish, resulting in losing its charm.

To clean the bracelets, you have to wash them thoroughly with cold water. Use a soft, clean cloth and wipe it all over the trinkets until they dry completely. Once done, store them in an airtight jewelry box and make sure that they don't get in contact with your other jewels to prevent damage.

Show everyone how happy you are as a couple in style. Grab our Cute Piggy Couple Bracelets now!

Color Black, Red
Materials Pendant/Beads: Silver 925
Chain: Rope
Length N/A
Design and Style 2 pieces of twisted rope bracelets with silver pig pendants


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