Elephant Charm Jade Bracelet

Elephant Charm Jade Bracelet
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A bracelet that goes beyond aesthetics, this Elephant Charm Jade Bracelet is an accessory that will not just make you more fashionable but will make you feel better from the inside as well.

Jade is said to have the ability to purify your energy field in a manner that is accepting, loving, and wise. If you want this type of energy to flow around you, wearing this Elephant Charm Jade Bracelet is a stylish way to do it! This lovely bracelet has a series of round jade beads strung together with an elastic band. This exquisite accessory measures approximately 7.28 inches in circumference.

Amongst the jade beads found in this bracelet is an elephant-shaped charm that is made of zinc alloy. Symbolically, the elephant represents strength and power. It is also a symbol of being calm and having patience. These beads with their earthly green and brown tones aren't just beautiful by nature, but they are also believed to have amazing healing powers. Jade has been used for its ability to create a serene feeling of harmony and balance, and it is also used for protection and good luck.

You can wear this bracelet just as it is, or wear it with your other beaded bracelets. If you feel like sharing your luck, you can order a few of these and send them away as gifts to your loved ones and friends. Putting this around your wrist is also very easy and hassle-free since all you need to do is slide in your hand and you're all set to go! With this bracelet's luster and shine, it will pretty much blend in with any clothes you wear it with.

Achieve beauty that goes skin deep. Let this bracelet accentuate your bare wrist and provide you with purified energy to get you going throughout your day! Set this up into your cart now!

Color Green, Silver
Materials Jade, Zinc Alloy
Length 7.28 inches
Design and Style Jade bead bracelet with a zinc alloy elephant-shaped charm

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